1. What made you a writer?

i was in th oxygen tent i was approx 11 yrs n they told me as a result uv th peritinitis surgereez i was having n wud have mor uv i wud nevr effektivlee b a dansr or a hocky playr  not enuff abdominal musculs 4 lifting a partnr n wud probablee nevr have a flat belkee  i undrstood n thot thn i wud b a writr n paintr n thn feel th moovment uv th line thru space  that e way n my first serious pome was approx 3 yeers latr aftr my first mothr passd went 2 spirit calld deth deth n mor deth n it was a veree vizual pome with all th words splayd ovr th papr n thr was an erlee incantoree xpressyun  n they no longr brout me hockey magazine but brout me movie star magazines insted n it was thn i bgan loving moovee stars sew much n sum uv them wud write me n giving me hope dean stockwell wrote me wundrful lettr that inspird me 2 keep going  n keep on keepin on 

2. What does it mean/suggest for you to think about your craft with each published work? If you were to associate an image with the development timeline of your writing craft what would that look like?

what th image wud look like showing my feeling s 4 how/what that working time wud b in th ryder tarot th card uv 8 uv pentaculs th artist focusing in on th work in front uv them n at hand th being with th adventur  uv th work engaygd in th focus is th locus is th focus is mooving being mooving love n care

3. What was the most satisfying aspect of your recently completed work?

th most satisfying element in writing its th sailors life / … was is th serching 4 what is in th events n meditaysyuns  in ths poetik novel sew manee threds ar present dscusyuns surprize events thretning armeez n hiding n running  th beginning as they usd 2 say i was alwayze wanting 2 get it all out on th papr in th elektronik rivr uv eye glare liquid e soaking   n all out ther in th reeding th recording  th show or in th band mandan massacre or latr  luddites  4 a long time get th words out ther eschewing th built in obfuscaysyuns availabul with langwage or langwanga  n loving 2 write lyrik pomes love erotik evenshulee  mystikal metaphysikal narrativ  sound  vizual  politikul fuseyun pomes n sumtimes  threding them 2gethr  we sleep inside each othr all  “..goez hungree clerking in toronto  ..n he was beautiful  n in th green broom  art n politikul change 4 mor progressiv societeez ar indivisiblee connektid   sew i was n am continuing 2 b most conscious uv trying 2 communicate n that is key  sew ium still veree conscious uv  we sleep inside each othr all   n endleeslee seeming looking 4 infinit wayze uv say thos n infinit othr approaches  takeing care uv thru th elastisitee uv langwage uv th words word  th colours sounds in th word that they arint reelee things in themselvs or a priori stedfast n xisting in pre establishd realms givn 2 us 2 navigate thru  we dew sail thru th endless narratolojee seez but with our own individual lenses we create ourselvs n its thos origins yes th origin uv th origins uv th oranges uv th fin in finding mooving sew wet n roundlee find um swimming in th narratolojee see tord th archipelago heer goes anothr stab at it th darkness th labyrinth endless detailing th foot ware n th watching tides neerbye slushing thru th green bartierd homeward reef ark angelik mythos touch th freqwentlee announsd n sd out allowd th dreem makrs journee yes madik room 4  its th sailors life/ still in treetment  meditaysyuns from gold mountain   we ar creetshurs uv unknowing  tastes traveling loves  burnishing th also melting image word   words in th fire  hopefulee  alwayze pushing back against th fascists n th laws n lava  uv ignorans  fin dr ord  what is it  who  each

4. In pushing your work beyond your first title what were you most conscious of? What were/are you trying to achieve?

aware in th brillyant sharing time acheeving mor claritee n getting th messages across  it is our selvs at th gates uv ourselvs ovr n ovr agen continuing nu n different n diffring multipul wayze  melting th linear tirades  dsolving th linear barriers  allowing evreewun in equitee  n within th infinitlee multiplying n multpul realms say delite in colours sounds n shapes uv words

5. What role do the drawings play in Lip? Do they complement or complete the poems in any way, or do they add what is unspoken or unspeakable? Or merely operate as standalone (sort of like concrete) poems on their merit?

th drawings in  lip  ar not stand alone tho hopefulee they can b seen that way  but they complment th brillyant text  th text is reelee alredee compleet  th drawings relaysyunship with to th text is 4 th eye uv each viewr 2 infer appresiate realize on theyr own wch reelee each reedr is on theyr own in dewing drawings 4 n with  lip  i was listning 2 franco cortese his genius emails 2 me n his work n i was drawing th strugguls involvd in being 4 peopul  whil uv kours also continualee bcumming n all th growing pains all that inevitablee make happning within us sew oftn organikalee n th psychikal costuming that manifests n th struggul that creates n involvs n its rikosheying resonans that implikates us all in sew manee un sirtintees n navigaysyunal departurs n sailings that engendrs th attraksyun n attachments satisfaksyuns n cant get no that happn we ar who we ar  n 4 who  n that alwayze changing  thees turbulences i felt in showing n th arrivals uv splendid planes uv consciousness i felt in showing  n how we all want 2 get off n how complikatid that is sumtimes n soshul approbaysyun n how eezee n simpul it can b n sumtimes oh thos ar th times  all that n mor  evn thrs a leedr stronglee dsaprooving  yet attainabul th changing bliss evreething sumtimes is   i wantid 2 show that in th drawings  n franco corteses book was th sours uv th drawings  n his guidans n suggestyuns as well  his suggestyun uv a palmestree shape  btween th peopul in th drawings wch was also 4 me like a peyote or dna button  th inspiraysyun uv th brillyant book n his writing 2 me was sew inspiring i cud find n let happn th realm wher i cud dew th drawings 4 lip

6. Does your writing practice impact your emotional state in any way? Does it put you in a certain mood or an emotional state? Or helps you get away from a certain mood or an emotional state? Can you reflect on that?  

writing n painting n drawing n sound n vizual poetree theyr reelee my life whn its going well thers sew much happeeness n all ther ness 4 me n sumtimes whn ium dscouragd n considring going down down no no ium going up 2 mix th paint  or 2 approach th ipad with a writing idea or phrase   i think uv henry millers beautiful book  to paint is to love agen   n that thot can get me going in2 work agen   whn recentlee i was veree affektid by an eye dsees n i cud barelee c  with a magnifying glass n veree slowlee  i wrote “ finding a staysyun bside a wayward path “  th last pome in th nu book  its th sailors life / still in treetment  meditaysyuns from gold nountain   from talonbooks spring 2022   wch i just finishd proof reeding n copee editing with charles simard genius 2 work with  at talonbooks  n covrs designd by anthony beaulé up heer on gold mountain   sew manee wayze uv writing inside ths book n wayze uv feeling n construkting  2 get thru  letting go uv sum limiting or harmful lernd behavyur yes in answr 2 wun qwestyun sum wher heer  can yu reflekt on how yr work helps yu emosyunalee n or is thr a guide that helps yu get back up on th saddul th dreemscape th place wher or th chair 2 navigate thru a vast ocean uv words lettrs sayings xpressyuns nu wayze old wayze brite shining dreems  reel  wayze   politiks  sound  equitee lyrik  romantik  sexual  metaphysical  spiritual  narrativ  non narrativ  naytur  vizual  fuseyun  th work getting kleer  n out  saying  if that happns helps me b mor kleer  n connekting  n sumtimes bcumming all ther

7. Do you imagine your poems phonetically and do the words come to you in the form they appear on the page, or do they come to you in a conventional form that you then carve and chisel and embellish? 

yr qwestyun is complex n amayzing but reelee my onlee answr is no    th pomes dew cum 2 me as they apeer on th page with uv kours revisyuns n sumtimes revwrites rewrites b4 they apeer on th page but not in th way yu ar asking as they dont inishulee cum 2 me in a convenshul way n thn transform no thats not how it goes with me they cum 2 me with inkreesinglee “phonetik” spelling ovr th yeers n with theyr spayshul relaysyuns alredee ther or almost ther whn they cum in

Author Bio

originakee from lunaria still hopeing 2 undrstand erthling wayze love sound n vizual poetree n all approaches 2 writing n painting n drawing love th pickshur in th lettr n th lettr in th image n th sounds uv th stroke vizualee n audatorialee emenating in all arrangementz n direksyuns wanting 2 escape from th tyranee uv grammar n meening nu books lip poetree uv franco cortese with my drawing illustraysyuns 4 his work from penteract press n b r e t h / th trees uv lunaria from talonbooks i want to tell you love with milton acorn from university of calgary press eric schmaltz ed n spring 22 its th sailors life / still in treetment meditaysyuns from gold mountain from talonbooks n nu cd stars with pete dako on bandcamp. a direktir n secretaree tresurer uv th secret handshake