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Wait Softly Brother

This novel pulls the reader into two different worlds, two different timelines, and two different stories. There’s the world Kathryn lives in, modern-day Ontario, and the mystery she tries to unravel about her still-born brother and the story she writes about her ancestor, Russell Boyt, during the Civil War. Eventually, the two stories merge and…

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Broken Fiction

I think I am moved by stories that are tentative, mutable, and delayed, and in a belief that these tentative, mutable and delayed stories are psychically interesting, not false; viable, not diminished. In the end, I would claim that all fiction is broken, all stories emanate from the autobiography of the writer, and variations are…

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The Paradoxical Art of Epistolary Erasure

Through my own erasure project, I have excavated, repurposed and reclaimed aspects of my relationship with my mother––and myself. My mother was not alive when the love letters she wrote to my father came into my hands. In the latest stage of her life, her seventies, she wasn’t well or happy. She struggled with a…

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On Being A Writer

I wrote the essay in one sitting. It poured out of me with a flow that I’d not experienced before. Obviously, the piece about my dad was waiting for me to give it the time it needed, to uncork the bottle, as it were. That never happened again. Only struggle ensued. Then I threw…

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No Place Like

There is a “cruel optimism” in the way we approach…the climate crisis: we are optimistic that it will get better—m technology will save us, electric cars will make a difference, petrocultures will die off—yet the cruelty of this optimism is exacted upon us every day as the crisis worsens and the logic of ecological domination…

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