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Avenue of Champions

I think one of the best things about being Indigenous is straight up just how funny we are. Even in the face of hundreds of years of colonial violence that was intended to wipe us all out we’re still here, we’re still laughing, and we’re still pushing through all that bullshit that gets placed on us. The jokes really just go on and on and on, which is an amazing thing to be around.

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This Is About Angels, Women, And Men

Now, I also see life more in terms of what we build up and acquire, and what we lose and get rid of, than I did with the last book. Our interiority has an impact on that: we “binge”, we “purge”, we “cull”.  What we lack, or imagine we do, and how we act on that, writes the future.

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Pain is a coming out, an admission and a permission to say: unaddressed things causes repercussions…The head gets partitioned against trauma, but the body responds, knowing what is in locked rooms… I want to grasp the particulars of these.

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Suck & Spit

Funny story. On my original list of topics to explore was of course “rattlesnake bite” which became the poem citing the cowboy flick cliche scene where one person is compelled to save his companion’s life…hence “suck and spit”. I knew right away I wanted this for the title.

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Rebecca Anne Banks

The purchase of some Anchor Hocking Amber Sandwich Glass dinnerware sparked the writing of Sunshine On Our Little Towne, a childhood reminiscence of Willowdale. When sitting in front of the television at under 5 years, I viewed some Depression Glass sunshine kitchenware in amber with beautiful flowers and filigrees stirring instant desire.

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