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Introduction to Vol XIX, February 2023

Welcome to Vol XIX, the February 2023 Issue, featuring craft essays, discussions and author interviews about the latest fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. As with previous issues, we are pleased to share with you a diverse array of artisanal habits, authorial voices, creative stratagems, politics and sensibilities from across Canada and across the globe.

In this issue, Kingston, Ontario based writer and activist Jamal Saeed, talks to Lucy Black about his new memoir My Road From Damascus (ECW Press, October 2022); BC writer Rhonda Waterfall talks to Debbie Bateman about her newest novel Sombrio (Gordon Hill Press, 2022); muti-genre, Ontario writer Hollay Ghadery talks to Lucy Black about her new, recovery memoir Fuse (Miroland, Guernica, 2021); Vancouver author Chelene Knight talks to Debbie Bateman about her new novel Junie (Book*Hug Press, 2022); Vancouver author, poet and song writer Bill Arnott talks to Sabyasachi Nag about his new travel memoir A Season On Vancouver Island (Rocky Mountain Books, 2022); Toronto writer Adebe DeRango-Adem talks to Sharon Berg about her newest collection of poetry Vox Humana (Book*Hug Press, 2022).

During the past month we had the pleasure of reviewing an overwhelming number of submissions received in response to the open call for craft essays and book reviews from across the world. From the accepted submissions, we are excited to share Milla Fargo’s refreshing take on the Relationship Between Writers and Their Characters in a breezy, insightful essay.

Also during the past month, we had the pleasure of welcoming four new team members: Anna Liza Kozma as Creative Non-Fiction Reviews Editor, Emily Cann as Poetry Reviews Editor, Shelly Kawaja as Creative Non-Fiction Reviews Editor, and Amelie Laura Francis as Reading Series Editor. And Lucy Black, in addition to being Fiction Reviews Editor takes on the added role of Deputy Managing Editor.

We take the opportunity to thank Sharon Berg (Poetry Reviews Editor) for her enormous contributions to AW and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

We hope you will enjoy this issue and feed us back with your comments and ideas to make AW more effective in serving the community of writers and readers. Many thanks for being here!