Isabella Mori

I love the physical aspect of writing, my fingers tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard. I love the sound, and I love the feeling. I also really enjoy research. As a kid, I wanted to become a private detective, maybe that’s why. It’s not only the process of research that pleases me but the feeling of depth that comes with knowing that I’ve given a songbird the right kind of nest.

Daniel Lockhart

I would simply say I am writing towards decolonization. My goal is to push forward a space where all that sort of otherness stuff that makes up my essence has a home. When I say otherness, I speak both as a Lenape turtle clan citizen. And that otherness is a self-essence that is built from the language, culture, and experiences of being that Lenape in an urban late 20th century, early 21st century Native guy kind of way.